Sunday, September 27, 2015

Random Thoughts at the end of September

I am the worst blogger. Ever. Not that I have a following, but even if I did, my lack of writing would not keep them for long

My last post was my grocery shot of my really good day food shopping. Now, since school is back in full swing, the strategic shopping is hard to do. Currently I am trying to shop at the cheapest store in town and just stick to it.  They don't double coupons, but their overall prices are lower, so in the end it is probably cheaper.

Right now I am trying to get a handle on what I spend on food each month. I know for the first half of September it was $500.  Most frugal bloggers would be freaking out, but really we don't buy a lot of crazy things.  Last Sunday I had Pea Pod deliver because we had a crazy weekend. My total was around $140 with deliver charges. By Thursday the fridge was barren. It was unreal. Yesterday I hit the best store in town, but I brought the kids. Bad idea. My total was $156.00. I made a lasagna last night for dinner and it was repeated for tonight as well. There is one more piece, which will be my lunch for tomorrow.  My grocery goal is to stay out of the store until Saturday again. However, we will need milk at some point.  I hope I can get through the week with only a purchase of milk.