Friday, November 29, 2013

My stomach hurts

It is all about the house. Yes, the house. It is always the house. We are at a point now that we are trying to decide if we should renovate or move. There are so many things to weigh. The renovation estimates are so much more than we bargained for. Do we scale back or go for it? What we would like to go for is not even what we hoped to do. Selling is a stressful thought, and we also need to save for a year or two for that down payment. There are so many unknowns with selling. So we can't sell right now. Will we be able to sell this house? Will we find what we want? What will the market do in the meantime?

How can we renovate now? Well we have tapped into the new home improvement loans that are being offered for people just like us that have no equity but good credit and a decent income. We almost will have enough to do a second floor addition. It will add two bedrooms and a bathroom. The kitchen will have to wait. The stress is unreal. I am so sick of waiting. I want to have a bigger house now. I know it will not be a giant house, but it will be a little bigger. Do we go upstairs with the kids and have one of them come back down when they get bigger or will they be okay going upstairs without us. Am I impatient and impulsive? I know the answer to that. When I compare to other people I know I feel like we are making this the starter home that other people are leaving for four bedrooms colonials. I don't want the four bedroom colonial or the overpriced raised ranch that we often see. I want an extra room to have friends over. I want toys off my first floor. I want someone else to make this decision for us. We have talked about it for years, but now that we actually may be able to do something we feel a huge amount of pressure. Will we be saddled with loans and still hate the house? I don't know what to do.