Saturday, August 23, 2014

Renovations and back to work

We are week five into our renovation. It has had its share of ups and downs, but overall it looks really good. We hope that it will be finished by the end of October. They still need to insulate, plaster, paint and finish the electrical and plumbing.

I go back to work Tuesday, and like my usual style I have started to clean under beds and organize drawers. I know, I know, I could have done this in July, but that is just not me. I am a woman who needs a deadline to get things done. That is just how I do things.

The kids will be spending a few days with my parents, so even though we will both be working we will have some time alone, which is nice. Life is so busy and stressful, time alone is an important thing to have.

I have started a walking routine and have thrown a couple yoga classes in as well. Yes, I do need to lose weight, but I am really exercising to improve my overall mental health and clarity. I have always been a worrier, and now I realize that the exercise is a must for me. It makes me feel accomplished to complete that 30 minute walk. It boosts my energy and mood as well.

We recently started going back to church with the kids. It is sort of stressful to go to church with a five year old, but we feel that it is important. I want to give the kids something to hold on to when things are hard. I want to be grateful for what I have. I want to be thankful for simple things.

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