Monday, October 1, 2012

So here I am waiting

Yes, I am waiting. Both interviews are over. One position had me come back for a second interview, but they went with another candidate. The other position has me scheduled to teach a lesson later this week. It sounds like there are two of us. I have a fifty percent change of going back to work full time. I am terrified. Now I am scrambling for potential child care options. I promised myself I would not make huge changes to my children's schedules. My first option was to hire someone full time, but some other options are possible too.

Obviously I need to get the job first. There may be no need to worry, but I want to be prepared if I do get the job because it could be a fast turn around. I just want my own children to be happy and content. It may be weird for my little one to not have me around as much.

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