Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer time..........

Here we are. It's summer time. This is my first summer that I am not working (outside of my house). I have always worked during the summer since we became parents. The first summer was a summer school program, followed by summer number two that included the same program and waitressing on the weekend. That was a really grouchy summer. Every summer since I did my same old waitressing gig. It wasn't full time, but I always had to figure out the cookouts and parties that we were invited to because that was when I worked. Also if you ever worked nights you probably know that "I have to work tonight mantra" that haunts you during the day when you know you have to go to work.

Since I went back to teaching this past year we decided it would be nice to not work during the summer. Parenting is plenty of work, so it isn't like I am sitting under a cabana all day. We have some house projects planned and a mini vacation to take. Yes, we are both off over the summer. I won't get into the "teachers get a lot of time off" comments that people make. We do have some great family time that I really appreciate, but it isn't why either one of us went into teaching. It also wasn't supposed to be part of this post so I will get one with it.

My six year old is enrolled in a few weeks of summer camp. It takes place right behind one of our town pools. Our town has fantastic activities that are really inexpensive. For the first time this year I bought summer swim passes for the family for our town pool. I had my four year old in the pool with me and in the distance we can see my six year old playing at camp. She looked so happy. My four year old was splashing around the pool showing me how he can jog in the water. Seriously he loved jogging in the water. His beaming face and bright blue eyes looked so happy just swimming with his mom. It reminded me how much we love our children. How we would do anything for them. Going back to work full time this year was a huge transition. My days were so busy that I did not worry much about my kids, but now that it is summer I realize how much I missed them and know how much I love them. Thank you summer time for giving me this time with my children. I will not take you for granted.

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