Tuesday, July 5, 2016

So Much to Say

It has been five months since I have shared anything in cyber space. Although I think this is more like an online diary than a well read blog. Nevertheless there is much to tell.

I lost my job. Don't worry, I found one as well. However it was a bit worrisome for about two months. Now to clarify how that happened, I was never actually unemployed. I learned in April that there were not enough students to allow me to stay in my building. Due to my lack of professional status I could not be transferred within the town, but I was able to apply to open positions in the district.

Once I was done freaking out, I threw my name in the ring everywhere that I could. In early June I had two other districts reach out and I am happy to say that I have a great job with a super commute. Right now I am enjoying this wonderful summer with my family, but come August I will be getting ready for a new town, new curriculum and a new grade. Truly there is so much gratitude that I feel about actually getting a job. I do know how lucky I am.

On the finance front I have been working on many things. Some of those frugal ideas that I had during the dark and cold winter did not come to fruition. I wish I could stand on my soap box and say I have not purchased any new clothing, but alas I can not. It is just a revelation that I had. I am better at reading frugal blogs than actually being super frugal. I can be somewhat frugal, but my frugality is not blog worthy. However, I will continue to read the frugal blogs that I enjoy. I always get good ideas and am impressed with how creative people are.

I will say though that some of the things that I implemented when I was trying to be uber frugal have made a difference. I started saving some extra money each month, and it is nice to check that statement out and see what I have done.

Finally I want to talk about food. Yes, food because I like to cook and eat. Food because at this point I care so much more about healthy eating than extreme couponing. A few months ago I started getting our meat from a local company that gets all their meat from New England farms. They have good practices, are great to deal with and their products are great. It is not cheap, but I am working it into the budget. It feels good to know what we are eating, and I appreciate that we can afford to do this. My sister and I are also sharing a CSA box this year. There lots of greens that no one wants to eat, but it has been fun to see what comes each week.

Well, I think I said plenty for a first post back. Time to go make a stir fry with all of those veggies.

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