Wednesday, April 5, 2017

How I turned by day around. ( A quick thought before I begin another one)

What I should be doing is getting ready for work. The kids are still sleeping, and I have to shower. Thankfully we get ready pretty quickly.  I have been up for almost an hour. I took the time to have some coffee and get through some math papers that I wanted to look at.  Whew! Paperwork is a challenge for every single teacher, but I digress.

Yesterday morning was a challenge. The brownies I baked for an after school meeting didn't seem done, I had no cute brownie papers, it was raining and I couldn't figure out what to wear. We left later than usually, but we made it on time.  I was able to add some time to the brownies, cut enough to make it work, and get in the car. I did not want to start work off on a grumpy note. In the car I promised myself to let it go and turn the day around. So, I let it go and turned the day around. My day was manageable, and I wasn't in a terrible mood all day. 

So my message is that you too can turn your bad day around. They are only brownies, a bad meeting, a rainy day, a frustrated client, but only you can turn that day around.

Happy Day!

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