Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Today's Accomplishments

I am pretty lazy when there is no schedule. Also a lack of schedule really sets my anxiety off. My anxiety had been rearing its ugly head over the weekend, but sort of took a vacation yesterday. Yippee. Today I got up and spend a lot of time drinking coffee, surfing the web, feeding the kids. My first plan was to go to work. Yes, over vacation go into my classroom and get some things done. I eventually got there but not until close to 11:00 am. That is okay though. I did organize, clean, make some copies. Heck you could live in your classroom and never be done, but it was something. At 2:00 I left and headed to the gym.

Yes, the gym. My new venture, with the plan to hit it three to four days a week for some stress relieving cardio. It has to happen. I need that release. Too much to deal with without working it out. Now if I lose forty pounds that will be a bonus, but really my main reason to join was to gain tranquility and inner peace. I left the gym with phone in hand because my dearest friend who lives on the opposite coast was calling me to catch up. I grabbed a quick latte ( I am so not frugal) and chatted with my long time friend before heading into a grocery store to grab a few items. Since we are all home we are eating things very quickly. We both have hit the store a lot in the past few days. I needed napkins on Saturday and spent $42.00. Yikes. Today I spent $63.00, but I felt like I got a lot for my money.

When I got home I unpacked, showered, and made tacos for dinner. I cooked over three pounds of ground beef, used half for the tacos and froze the other half in two separate bags for quick meals next week. We did not eat all of the taco meat, which I must say is unusual for us. The kids did not eat much and I am trying to eat less. I took the left over taco meat, added tomato sauce and cheese and layered with tortillas for an enchilada casserole. We will either eat that New Year's or I will freeze it for next week. Tomorrow I have a big package of chicken breasts that are defrosting as we speak. I want to cook them in the crock pot and make up a few meals with them while I have the time.

For an unscheduled day I felt pretty accomplished. Tomorrow is catch up on the laundry and declutter day. Happy New Year!

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