Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year to you and yours! It is resolution time. The statistics on people following through on their resolutions are pretty grim. That is why I joined a gym mid December so I could make a positive change but not call it a resolution.

My true resolution for 2015, besides being more appreciative and less grumpy ( I hope the gym helps with that) is getting a handle on money and becoming a saver. I have talked so much about not spending, but really it is about saving. Money is freedom. Knowing that you have some money to fall back on and not live check to check is a life style goal for us as a family. Last night we did not even order out on New Year's Eve. I made sweet and sour chicken and we ate together with the kids. Later the two of us watched a movie. Now we did watch a new movie that we had to buy for $15.00, but now we own it. It is still out in theaters, and it was cool to watch it from home while eating our own homemade nachos. Not a bad amount of money spent for New Year's Eve.

I was scouring the ads for good deals to get the most out of my shopping money. I have some extra bucks and CVS has some great deals this week, so I am going to hit CVS with my coupons and extra bucks and try to stock up on some things that we need for very little money.

Today we are going to take the kids skating because they will be taking some skating lessons and have never been on skates. I have not been on skates in almost 30 years. I am very afraid.

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