Sunday, January 11, 2015

Planned, Prepped, and Prepared .

Whew! What a whirlwind of a weekend. I can't believe that I will be throwing back coffee in just seven hours.
My current food plan is try to go as long as we can without doing big shops. I stocked up at two stores over the weekend with a huge focus on sale items. I also participated in a meal prep with my mother and sister. We got together and created about sixteen meals a piece. There is great variety, and I plan on getting through the rest of the month with these meals and a few simple things thrown in the mix.
The total cost of my two store trips and the meal prep was $320. Part of that was a Christmas gift for my parents from me and my sister.  So I really only spend $280 on our groceries. We have a lot of stock in the house. All I should have to do for the next two weekends is do a quick stop for fresh fruit, milk, and probably bread by the end of the month. Right now we have tons of bread, cereal.  Bottom line is that I could probably make it through the month without going over $450 because I have to consider the $100 I spent last week. So right now I am at $380. Maybe I can get through without spending more than another $70.00.

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