Sunday, January 29, 2017

The First $500-Gone

Bright and early on pay day, well early enough that is wasn't really bright, I went online and paid my bills. The first bill I paid was to us. I transferred $500 into our savings account. I had shared my goal of saving $6,000 by June with my husband on Wednesday.  It is really hard to break down finances at 9 0'clock on a Wednesday. I thought it was a good first goal because it will give us a true emergency savings account and more than double our savings. We are going with this plan for the time being and will revisit it soon to see if it is the best first step.

Meanwhile I took out some books at the library that I am perusing to see what sort of ideas I can use to save money.  One idea I think I am finally figuring out is that frugal people don't really spend their lives looking for bargains, they simply don't shop very much. When they shop, it is extremely intentional. Well, I have been quite intentional with all my purchases in the past few days. I have my money broken up into envelopes for groceries, gas and miscellaneous expenses. Sort of a pain rifling through them at the register, but there will be less debits when I go to balance my checkbook.

What I didn't buy yesterday
  • I did not get a haircut. Wow I really need one, however, I just bought hair dye because I always do it myself. I am hoping I can make it a few more weeks without getting a haircut.
  • One child needed sneakers. I took her to Kohl's and was able to get sneakers on sale with additional discounts and $20 Kohl's Cash. I paid the $11.00 balance using a Kohl's gift card. Sweet.
What I bought
  • I had dinner out on Friday. We had a work commitment Friday night. This dining out was an opportunity to get to know my coworkers better. It is a new job, so it is important to work on your relationships. I only spent $16.
  • Two Patriots t-shirts. Ahhh. The kids have Spirit Week next week. I found Patriot's t-shirts at TJ Maxx for $15 each. I had already checked a consignment shop and what they had looked really bad. Kohl's was outrageous and another discount store had nothing. They are large shirts, so they should be able to wear them for many Patriot Days to come. I caved for my kids, but I did not buy one for myself. 

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