Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I tried hard to be positive, but at least I can still save money

Remember Sunday's post about being positive and having a good attitude. I already failed. Bad, I know. Work was hard today, and I almost could not take it. Thankfully my other half got home early and was able to get the kids. It did save me from having to leave work and let me catch up just a bit. The biggest problem with teaching is that you never really catch up. It is continuous. "You never really catch up. You never really catch up."  Maybe if I make that my mantra I will relax a bit more.

Now let's talk money. Thursday is pay day. Yippee. I already know the total so I can crunch the numbers and transfer that $500 into savings.  I did make it through the first two weeks. My spending was quite low. I have to really tweak the numbers because a few unexpected things happened. I missed the cable/internet/phone bill in January, so now it is double. Yes, I know, kill the cable. Well, killing the cable is off the table for now, but maybe we will revisit it in the future. Also, my excise tax came in, so now I have to find another $52.00 in my already tight budget because I have been a life long spender I am the queen of saving money.  Trying to reframe things to keep myself positive. Anyway I am really looking forward to waking up Thursday and throwing the $500 into the savings account.  I can't wait. Also, it may snow Thursday, so let's pray for a snow day!

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