Sunday, February 5, 2017

Why I dread the weekend and how to make a change

Pretty negative title, I know.  But it really wraps up how I feel when Saturday morning roles around. Stressed, overwhelmed, a list of crazy things running through my head, clean the house, do the laundry, grocery shop, take kids to activities, be a crank. The last one is just what happens. I become a drill sergeant and start bossing the kids around.  I didn't even include work in my post.

This weekend started sort of the same way with the exception of grocery shopping. That was one thing I managed to get done on Friday after work. My plan was to leave work at a reasonable hour, but I got caught up in things to do. So there I was, grocery shopping at 5:00 p.m.. Wandering around Wegman's and thinking about my grocery budget, savings goal of $6,000 by June and how tired I was when it became Frozen Pizza Friday. It worked and it wasn't that expensive. Probably twice the cost of homemade, half the cost of Wegman's premade refrigerated pizzas and a fourth of the cost of ordering out.  It wasn't half bad. 

Saturday morning was basketball, cooking and cleaning the house. I made the kids do their part. We all live here. Saturday did get better. I did not exercise like I planned, but we had my mother over for dinner, which was fun. 

Today I made blueberry bread and hit the store (oops) again. We already used all the eggs and were out of sugar so I really had to go.  I spent about four hours on work doing my plans. Now I have snacks in the oven and will be signing off to watch the Super Bowl.

My point of a rather negatively titled post is that it is my choice to have a good weekend. Stressful job or not, messy house or not, bad mood or not, I make the choice to have a good weekend. It is up to me to separate my job from my life and choose to live in the moment. Enjoy every minute and just be there.

In addition to my goal of frugality is a new goal, an important goal, a goal to be happy in all that I do.

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