Tuesday, August 20, 2013

No more coffee :(

Well, no more stopping to grab coffee. I finished my last gift card today. Part of the stay on budget plan includes me not grabbing coffee on the way home. That delicious coffee really adds up. Also, I should be drinking water instead of coffee.

Today was another day that I prepared dinner from my freezer stash of meatballs and a box of pasta. My pledge to stop all take out is really in full gear. I am looking around the kitchen trying to figure out the minimum I can spend this weekend. We will need milk, fruit, and a few basic items. We are almost out of dishwasher soap. We are already out of trash bags, but I am waiting it out with a shopping bag in there. It isn't that I can't stop to get trash bags, but I know I could easily spend $40.00. It is so so easy. Trying to think of something quick and easy for tomorrow. I think grilling would be good. Maybe I will try to make some homemade hamburger rolls. I read about them a lot, and they sound so good. Plus we are both back to work next week. I want the sitter to have enough basics to feed the kids every day. I got a giant deal on snacks including crackers and cookies. I scored a variety of seven containers for $9.00. I was really happy, and immediately ran everything to the basement so it would not get eaten before school was in full gear.

Don't know yet what the house could list for, but we could possibly get into a program that would allow us to buy a house for 2.5 percent down. Depending on what the house could go for we may be able to scrape and save and make a choice soon. No more coffee.

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