Sunday, August 18, 2013

Working, cooking, and houses

So I got the job that I wanted. This week I have to set up a new classroom and attend orientation. Next week I have three days of professional development. I am excited, but I feel anxious too. Last year I was in the same building, teaching the same grade, but I took over another classroom and used what was there. This year I am setting up my own classroom and just sorted through my own materials that have been in storage for almost seven years. They are in my car ready to go.

The anticipation of working full-time is making me a stressed out lunatic. I spent the whole morning cooking and freezing meals in preparation for not being able to make dinner after a long day of work. Last year we ate a ridiculous amount of take-out. Not only did not not help my waist line, but it cost us way too much money. I really need to reign in our food budget. So I have already created a monthly budget that I plan to stick to or stay under. It will include menu planning and careful shopping because we finally are both working full-time and it is time to save some money and figure out what to do about the house.

Oh the house, the house, I do love the house. It is cute and tiny, and tiny, and tiny. It is four rooms, yes I said four rooms. It is under 800 square feet. Our goal at this point is figure out if selling or renovating is our best options. Renovating seems quite expensive, but selling isn't cheap either. So now that we are both working full-time and have two decent salaries coming in, we need to buckle down and save some money because no matter what we decide to do one thing is certain. We will need money.

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