Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Saving $40,000

I sort of made up this figure. It could actually be more, or maybe less but I doubt it. This is what I think we could need to sell our house. We are waiting to see what the realtor thinks he can list the house for. He's pretty conservative, so it should not get our hopes up. Between paying the realtor and coming up with a down payment for a new house I am freaking out. Houses in our town are pretty ridiculous just because so many people live here their entire lives. I like it here, but it is just an average town with expensive houses. It also has a small inventory.

My point, as my brain swirls with activity, is how the heck do we save $40,000, if that is in fact what we need. That will take us years. We could literally live here for three or four more years while we pay down the mortgage and bank every penny.

Glad I did not get my nails done this weekend.

The most frustrating thing is that with our current income we could certainly swing a high mortgage payment. We are paying one now.

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