Sunday, August 4, 2013

Why am I lazy?

My anxiety is back and forth. I just raced through some cardio and it felt so much better. This week's goal is cardio every day. I tend to do it when I need it, but when I feel great I blow it off. I think if I were more consistent the anxiety would disappear. I would consider my anxiety mild, but really aggravating. I can't imagine what a full blown anxiety condition must feel like. I really get lazy when I feel good, because when I feel good I can't imagine feeling lousy. When I feel lousy it is hard to picture feeling good.

Now that I will be going back to work because I did get the job I need to set some goals. This week's goals include daily cardio, more water some water, ice coffee isn't the only beverage, and a better diet. Good luck to me.

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