Monday, July 6, 2015

Hair Update

A couple of posts ago I talked about our spending and how we were finally cracking down so we could pay our house debt off and get it together. Nine days in, and we are doing well.  My hair had come up because for about a year and a half I have been having my hair lightened and cut at various salons. Each trip costs about $120. Now I don't go every six weeks like many people. And for the record many people spend a lot more on their hair. However, I probably get it done five to six times a year. When I thought about how much money that was and compared it to how good my hair looked, I decided that, even though my hair did look good, I should get over it and go darker. That way I can do it myself. Here is my story.

I bought some dark brown hair dye that looked good on the box and colored my hair. The initial results were awful. My hair was a blackish dark brown with no warmth to it. I looked washed out and pale.  I Googled how to fix it. The next day I washed it with baking soda and shampoo which did take out a bit of the color and cracked the kids up. After about five days I can say that my hair seems to be a normal brown, I don't look washed out, and I do not need to go pay someone else to fix my mistake. Also, my gray is covered.

Do I like to get my hair done? Yes. Do I want to have money in the bank and our bills paid off? Yes!!  More than I want my hair to be lighter. I may eventually be at a place where I can go get my hair colored but right now I will continue to (carefully) do it myself.

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