Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Easiest Way to Save Money is....................................

to not spend it. I happily did this many times today. At one point today I thought I would check out the clearance racks at Kohls because the kids could use some pajamas. They could use some, but it isn't a necessity. I thought I might find some good clothes for work on sale. But I don't need any clothes. There are wants and needs, and as good as a bargain can be if we don't need it, it may be better to just not buy it.

I thought of stopping at the grocery store on the way home to buy some fish for dinner. Then I decided that was a very bad idea. To enter a store with no plan when you are hungry and need many things is a very bad idea. I did not go. I was able to use what we had and grill out for dinner. Tomorrow I will probably shop with a very detailed plan in hand. 

I think what I was looking for was a little retail therapy. So eventually a little bit of money was spent. My son needed a new lunchbox. I remembered that I had a few dollars in credit from my Amazon card. I searched for an extremely inexpensive lunchbox, signed up for a free trial of Amazon Prime to get free shipping (which I will cancel) and was able to get a new Spider Man lunchbox for $2.66. That is a great bargain, and I won't be running around August 30th looking for a lunchbox.

As much as I wanted to go do some shopping I learned today that sometimes it pays better if you don't. Unless you can get something for $2.66.


  1. Yes, this is so true! And I love how you didn't allow yourself to succumb to the temptations. :) I think the one thing that is so easy for many of us is to fall for the guise that just because something is a really good deal, we need to buy it even if we don't need it. Definitely a good reminder you have here!

    1. Lydia,

      Thanks for the encouragement and for posting as well. I really am a long time spender trying to be frugal, but feel that the frugal person inside me is coming out. It is just taking a long time! I am glad you enjoyed that article.