Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Waking Up Early

It's 7:17 AM and I have been up since 5:30. My typical night involves crashing on the couch around 10:00 PM until someone wakes me and says "Time for bed". It drives him crazy that I actually never go to bed until he does, but it is just something that I do. I should go to bed at 10:00. Getting all that sleep (however I get it) allows me to wake up quite early and start my day.

Starting my day includes drinking coffee, sort of folding some laundry, paying some bills, and surfing on the internet. If I was a really organized person I would have taken my walk already. Instead I enjoyed the solitude of the house while everyone else is sleeping. The kids are probably wiped out from yesterday's swimming.

I hear my six year old friend waking up. I am sure his cute face will join me soon. The sun has created a golden highlight around the edges of his brown hair and bleached his eyebrows. It is too cute.

My solitude is ending; it will probably be the most relaxing part of my day.

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