Thursday, July 9, 2015

Ten Years Today and Dinner this Week

Today is our ten year anniversary. We are celebrating it by not spending any money.  No cards, no flowers, no dinner out.

I have tonight's dinner all planned. It is chicken quesadillas with  homemade salsa.  I actually made salsa out of what I thought was an empty pantry. I had no fresh onions or canned tomatoes. My salsa came together yesterday with diced grape tomatoes, a few jalapeno peppers, garlic, and pureed frozen onions and peppers. Sort of weird, but I remember I had all these frozen peppers and onions in the freezer. Peppers are not popular in this house ( I like them) but salsa is. So I pureed most of them and added the tomatoes and simmered it on the stove a bit. It prevented me from going to the store to buy salsa. I also made bread to get us through until tomorrow. Yesterday I had poached some frozen chicken and was able to create two meals. Tonight's quesadillas and last night's chicken salad sandwiches on  homemade bread.  We also have some chicken salad left for lunch today. My refrigerator is amazingly empty. It feels good to utilize every single thing we can before we hit the store. I have not been to the store since Sunday, with the exception of buying milk at CVS because I had Extra Bucks.

So would it be nice to go out for our anniversary?  Yes and no. I always love going out, but at this point in our life I would prefer to get our finances under control. We have been doing a great job in the past two weeks with no restaurants or take-out.  I have been bringing my own coffee along in the car to prevent accidental coffee trips.  It is hard at times, but it feels good to love what you have and not want what you don't. 

So tonight instead of sipping a nice cocktail at a fancy restaurant we can eat dinner with the kids and be thankful for all that we have.

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