Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A new point of view

I made a conscious decision to change this blog. When I started this blog it was designed to be a tongue and cheek attempt to diffuse my feelings about the size of our house. Things have changed a lot in the past couple of years.

Our house is the same, but our life is slowly changing. The kids are getting older, I am trying hard to get back into the professional work force, and we have seen a lot of changes in the world around us.

We have experienced our fair share of loss, as everyone does. Death is a funny thing. It doesn't always hit you right away. Often it takes months or more for it to set in. It changes us. It takes something innocent away and fills our hearts with grief and sorrow. Thank God for children because they truly help balance our sadness.

Another loss that we have been witness to is the end of many marriages. Many of my life long friends are in the midst of divorce for a variety of reasons. My heart breaks for them, and this overwhelming life change. At one time I could not imagine any of my friends dealing with such a difficult situation, but I was naive. Life is not a fairy tale. Bad things happen all the time and we have little control over the situation.

In my attempt to support my friends I gave little thought to my own marriage, but to be honest it terrifies me. We never know what life has in store for us. Things can change so quickly. People die, people leave, life is hard.

This is all part of my reason to change my focus. Joking about my house was supposed to be funny but I was caught up in material things that can't make you happy. It doesn't mean at some point we won't buy a bigger house, but it means I will take the one I have as long as I can keep the people in it.

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