Thursday, September 20, 2012

What do you do?

It is the first time in almost six years that I have had time to myself during the day. Since my daughter was born I have had a child, or children once my son came along, with me every single day. My husband is great about being with the kids at night, but during the day when he is working it is just me. Now my daughter is in school full time and it is crazy. I can't believe it has already happened. My son is gone two mornings. I only have two hours two mornings a week alone. It is not a ton of time, but it is strange. What do I do? Should I fold towels? Sort clothing? Clean my floors? No. I should not do any of those things during this time. I should do whatever it takes to make me feel like a person because (I can't believe I am typing this) parenting takes away a lot of who we are. I am fine with that because we are giving ourselves to our children, but it is really is a draining, straining, stressful job. There are cute moments, hugs, kisses, and wonderful things too, but overall the stress is quite high. Maybe it is me. Yesterday I attempted to go to the gym for a necessary exercise outlet. My three year old failed to see the need for us to go and shamefully I caved. He was having a meltdown. If you have ever tried to put a melting three year old in a car you understand why we did not go. Instead I did some toning videos (yes I have some real videos left) and he joined me on the floor. He was quite cute as he stretched and twisted and it made me a little less mad at him. Just a little though.

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