Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Cooking is one of my favorite things

I love being in my kitchen. I read lots of food blogs to find new, inexpensive, kid (and husband) friendly meals. The taste buds in my house vary. I like the largest variety of foods and my three year old is the only one to eat hummus and guacamole with me. However his new, sometimes cute, habit when I am making something new is to say "Yuck". Depending on the moment it makes me laugh. My husband likes a lot of basics with his main dislike being most green vegetables. My five year old likes carbohydrates and dairy; peanut butter is her main source of protein.

My overall goal is to put healthy meals on the table and hope no one is hungry when it is over. I like a nice enjoyable dinner where no one is screaming "I hate chicken." I must confess I spoiled my kids a bit and fed them lots of "kids meals" over the years. They are still young, but the transition to everyone eating the same thing is not easy. Also my "staying home" only worked for us because I work nights so family dinner for us was not an every night thing. It is getting better.

One of my favorite things about being home is the ability to cook. It comes and goes in waves. Sometimes I will cook all day and other times I order pizza (like last night).

What I hope to do here is to share dinner ideas that I have had and any original recipes that I have come up with that don't blow up in my face. I may also share any "I hate chicken" comments that come up along the way. Yuck.

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