Monday, September 24, 2012

I was going to make dinner but......

someone came home from school sick. She did not come home from school early, but when she got off the bus she was teary and not her happy self. She has no voice and got so upset she was sick to her stomach for a bit.

Now she is recovering with a good dose of television, juice and a popsicle. She hates to miss school and as her mother's daughter I am sure that is all she can think about right now. Wondering and worrying if she can go to school tomorrow. I have the same worry. If she is sick I don't want to send her; I can keep her home. Easy enough because I am here. However, I do have an interview tomorrow. If she stays home I can't send her to her sitter's house sick. Is it obvious that I am not feeling that interview tomorrow? It is a part time job. I know nothing about the hours. I will be paying someone to take are of the other one. Enough already I am not supposed to be thinking that far ahead. I can keep her home because I am home, but if I get a job them I won't be home. Why I am so crappy at being home? Is getting a job really going to make me better? Is the guilt (self inflicted) of leaving him with someone else going to eat me alive.

Time to get off the internet and make some dinner. At least cooking uses up some of the energy swirling around in my head.

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