Thursday, September 20, 2012

Here we go again........

Just as I settle in trying to figure out how be the best "stay at home" mom I can be and get over the fact that I did not get a job the phone rings again. Yes, today it rang while we were out. It was less than an hour ago. It is a long term substitute position that goes until June. It is a great opportunity and I have the needed experience. I am nervous and excited. Nervous because chances are it is just another interview and that is all it will be. Nervous because I could actually get it and then we would have to figure out the child care situation. Nervous because even though it is hard to be home I would be sad about someone else being here instead of me. Excited because it could be an opportunity to get back into a local school system and not be too far away from the kids. Excited to actually be with people all day, and actually wear something other than my mom clothes. Excited to get a real pay check and not work anymore Saturday nights! Unless it was a financial disaster to take the job it would be a mistake not too give it a try. If I learned anything this past six months is that there a lot of certified elementary school teachers out there. A lot, a lot, a lot............. I have a week to prepare.

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