Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Life is a journey...... It has been thirteen months since I have posted on this blog. Lots of things are changed. My focus is certainly not how small my house is. Life is too complicated for that. I don't need more than I have. Not to say that I want to take a vow of poverty but I really have everything that I need right here in these four rooms. My last post was a desperate plea to get a job. I did not get one. I spent the last six months looking again for a job. I did not get one. I have been working part time at the same job for almost five years. It is just a job, but it has given my something that I haven't really appreciated. It has given me the time to be with my children and do that other job. That mothering job. The one I dismiss sometimes. So here I am doing that mothering job and trying to be there for my children. There are so many reasons that it is good for me to be with my children. I guess I should start by giving them breakfast.

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