Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Great Starter

That is what I am. I am really good at getting started, but I am not always good at finishing.

Take gyms for instance. I have joined so many gyms, but I don't look great. I just joined another one, but I hope to actually go this time. However, this week has been so cold I just want to grab the kids and get home after spending all day at work.

This week I have been doing a really good job planning meals and staying focused on eating from the pantry.  I don't have much left for protein, so I will have to shop this weekend, but I am going to set a specific spending limit. Not sure what it will be yet. Saturday we are going to order pizza because we have some friends coming over. I am always focused when I start something, and then.........I fizzle. This week I made a crock pot dinner for Sunday that we finished tonight. We had soup Monday and lasagna last night. The lasagna is gone. We ate it all. It was only a 9 x 9, and I did not make it very thick, but I was still sort of surprised we finished it.  Tomorrow will probably be an egg bake or homemade mac and cheese. I guess I will figure it out when I walk in the door (after I go to the gym).

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