Wednesday, January 27, 2016

No More Spending

There are so many financial wizards out there trying to help you create a budget, pay off your debt, and get smart about money. You can buy that sandwich, but budget it. You can get that new purse, but budget it.  Yes and no. I have read many books and blogs about not spending as much money, but the concept of not spending ANY extra money is pretty amazing to me.  I think it may be the thing that saves us.

What does it mean to afford something? The old me (from the other day) thought if I had the money in my checkbook I could afford it. That is so not true, and I think I knew that. I just needed a wake up call. I am awake now, and am ready to live my new life that cares less about stuff and more about freedom. The freedom that comes with having some money.  It will take us many years to get there, but I am convinced we can do this.

With my new mindset I have eliminated coffee and take-out from our lives for now.  I do have a gym membership, but I will get reimbursed for the first two months and use it until the spring. Once the weather is good I will freeze it until the fall. There is no need to pay for the gym when I can walk in the world. Duh!

For the next month I am going to keep track of every penny and spend nothing on ridiculous items like clothes I don't need, make up, or new books.  My daughter needs winter boots, so that will be one purchase. Other than groceries, child care, and paying for kids activities I solemnly promise to make no extra purchases that are not necessities for any reason. I think this lack of spending will show me how much extra money there really is when I don't blow $2.00 here and $40.00 there. That money will go toward my first bill that I am paying off and hope to pay off very quickly.

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