Sunday, January 3, 2016

A fresh start with some New Year's Resolutions

My family has experienced some heartache in the past few months, but I would like to approach 2016 with a positive attitude and put my best foot forward for my husband, children, mother, sister, and friends.  I am dedicating my list of resolutions to my father, who is no longer with us in person, but I am convinced is always here.  I miss you Dad.

  • Appreciate each day, even the bad ones
  • Utilize my time and give the proper amount of time to my family, myself and my job (tough one)
  • Spend time with my children and when with them give them all my attention (see resolution 2)
  • Spent time at the gym to improve my health, lower my weight, and relieve stress (see resolution 2)
  • Go out with my husband alone once a month
  • Cook at home, utilize what we have, don't go overboard at the store
  • Don't waste food (see prior resolution)
  • Spend money wisely
  • Be a good friend
  • Don't be angry even if I am not wrong
  • Work hard at my job but remember it is a job and not the only thing in my life. I promise I will find a balance and make it work or find another job.
  • Blog a bit more than every three month

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