Tuesday, January 5, 2016

A New Financial Goal


  I have one credit card left that I really want to pay off. It is a zero percent interest card that I opened in August for some stupid reason*. We did need to use it for a short time, but now we are okay. I want to use the money I save during the pantry challenge to pay on this card. I did put a few Christmas things on there that I will be paying off on Thursday. After I pay that off my balance will be $1371. My goal is to pay that off by May.  I think I can do it by putting as much on the card as possible each pay period. There will be on interest on the card until August. Cutting the grocery bill and using what we have well will help support this goal. We will eat well. I will always buy produce and feed us a healthy diet with a few treats here and there.  I am excited for my goal.  It will start after my next pay day.  

* Stupid reason-This is a cash back card and I thought it would be so great to get cash back on stuff that I already buy, but I forgot that I can't really handle that sort of thing and at almost 44 I should know that about myself.

I am doing well with using what we have. I got some great ideas from other sites and am super excited to make it work.  When I shopped on Sunday I only spent $79.61. I had a few good store coupons and bought produce, dairy, bread, deli meat and cheese and some nonfood items like Q-Tips. I do tend to grab what I need at one place even though it is not always the most economical choice, because time is money too.

Pantry Challenge Update
Last night's dinner was chicken tortellini soup. My own version based on recipes I have used in the past. I love it, and my husband, who is not a soup fan, will eat it as well. Tonight we are having a lasagna that I threw together last night. Tomorrow night will be left over chicken from Sunday's crock pot dinner of gingery chicken breasts. Quite gingery, but pretty tasty.  Thursday is eggs, left over soup or left over lasagna. That is my problem with menus. I change my mind a lot. I should not write my menu in pen. What ever doesn't get eaten gets put in the freezer or become my work lunch. We are really pretty good about not wasting food. Not sure what we will eat on Friday.

 Doesn't the cold make you want to burrow under a heavy blanket for days.  Last night I stayed up so late. Not sure why, but sometimes I do that. I could have slept for days.  I think the low temperatures make our beds feel more comfortable.

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