Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Beauty of Sleep

Guess where I am going once I hit Publish? Bed time. I am finding that I really need a full eight hours of sleep to get me through a day without being grumpy. Well, maybe I am still a little grumpy with eight hours, but I can hide it better.

I have always been sort of a night owl. Actually I fall asleep on the couch a lot these days. Could be the 6:00 AM wake up, the two kids, the job. For most of my life I have always enjoyed staying up late. It could be my procrastinating personality. I spent a lot of late nights writing papers.  The 44 year old me is not that different than the college me. Maybe a bit more organized, but last minute is my specialty. My husband likes to stay up late. When we met we always talked on the phone or emailed really late. Once he married me he got a girl that falls asleep on the couch. Oops.

Time changes us and at this point in my life if I want to be productive I know I need some sleep. Getting good sleep helps me to be less groggy in the morning and allows me some time to enjoy a cup of coffee before the kids wake up, get ready for work without racing around, help the kids get ready without getting mad at them. It also helps me to stay focused and patient with an entire classroom full of kids all day. They are young and need a happy, smiling and patient face no matter how I may feel. Sleep helps with all those things. It helps me finish the day, clean my classroom, pick up my kids and feed them.

And start all over again. It is 9:14 on the east coast. Bed time.

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