Tuesday, January 26, 2016

So I Read the Blog that May Have Changed My Life

Strong title, but I think it may be true. In searching more grocery budgets and ideas I found this blog that has a sarcastic yet funny way of explaining how people need to get it together with their money. I read several posts over the last few days and am hooked.

This doesn't mean that I will run out and cancel my cable television (my other half would never agree and I probably would miss it too), but there are so many things he mentions that changed my thinking. I feel more motivation to push forward with some new goals.

This well known blogger saved most of his money and retired early. Yikes! This loser (me) has been spending all her life.

Some things that I have done well include hitting Super Cuts and coloring my own hair (for the past 6 months and forever after). That is around $30 to do it this way, but the salon would be over $100. Nice.
Manicures and pedicures have left my budget. They have left my budget. They have left my budget. Seriously I don't even want one and haven't had one a six months. When the spring hits I can soak my feet for an hour and figure something out. I have also done a great job (although a bit tiring) of shopping on the cheap and feeding us a fairly healthy diet without breaking the bank. That will continue as well.

Things that need to be eliminated include shopping in general, drive thru coffee ever. I really will never get coffee again. I promise.  Eating out (there may be a few exceptions like spending time with a friend). Tightening it up all around and kicking debt in the shins.

My first goal is to get rid of one credit card that is 0 percent interest and then a credit card with a piece of furniture on it that is 0% as well.  Then we can figure out what loan should be paid off next.

I have a plan.

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