Sunday, January 31, 2016

Getting a Handle on the Grocery Budget

Our grocery total for January was $676.41. That total feeds two adults and two children in elementary school.  The thrifty plan, according to the USDA is $648.80 for our family. Not bad. There is one receipt I don't have from when my husband picked up bread.  We are still under $700.00 for the month. I shopped this Friday, but since it was January 29th I put it at the beginning of February's spending.  I am tracking our monthly grocery costs on a spreadsheet to see what we spend per month, if it is enough and how to potentially tighten it up. Believe me when I say that my spending took a lot of additional work. I did a lot of cooking, planning, and baking.  For the most part we shopped weekly and avoided too many midweek trips to the store.  I ate the majority of leftovers for work lunches.  We utilized almost every bit of food we had.  I thought we had done well, but we still spend more than I would like to spend per month.

February is a short month. We are already at $112.74. If I aim for a $600.00 total for this month I still have $488.00 dollars left to spend. This month also includes a vacation week that we are all home to eat, eat, eat, as well as the fact that I will have class once a week until May and not be able to make dinner that night. That means I need to have something already made with instructions or something frozen ready to go. My plan this week is enchiladas that I hope to make. If not I have frozen raviolis as a back up. It will prevent a weekly meal out that I am really trying to avoid.

Personal Spending Update
 I have not spent any extra money this week. No coffee, no shopping, no nothing. I feel great!

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